Seven Poems

keeping space for silence, waves to  commemorate The Kiss by Siegfried Sassoon * To these I turn, in these I trust— Brother Lead and Sister Steel. To his blind power I make appeal, I guard her beauty clean from rust.  * He spins and burns and loves the air, And splits a skull to win […]

Memory and oblivion in the photos by Vova Pomortzeff

The Eel#2 The Eel: a series of materials and interviews with contemporary artists and authors to discuss the meaning of the Centenary, of memory and oblivion. An attempt to retrace our history and to preserve the tenacity of life like the Eel celebrated by Eugenio Montale (in: La bufera e altro, 1956) Photography is a multiform language, which […]

Postcard #1

Postcards – An image and a message that we’d like to send or to listen to. Like postcards sent to unknown and known addressees, these are stitches across languages, places, lives and times. They combine a photo, some lines – eventually with translation – and a brief historical note. An attempt to make our past […]