Postcard #1

Postcards – An image and a message that we’d like to send or to listen to. Like postcards sent to unknown and known addressees, these are stitches across languages, places, lives and times. They combine a photo, some lines – eventually with translation – and a brief historical note. An attempt to make our past sounds and to listen to the Great War.


Trento, 1914, partenza per òa Galizia


Trento, 1914: troops are about to leave for Galicia.

Many soldiers from Trentino died on the eastern Front. 60.000 men were recalled in service in 1914. 11.400 of them gave their lives in battle during the First World War. Between 15.000 and 20.000 were captured by the Russians or deserted their post.


We leave, we fill up the wagon

like sand a shovel has poured. I’m a grain,

one of the sixty thousand – who recalls us?

The wind rises; a voice screams a goodbye,

“I wait for you”, from the crowded platform

torn off from the train waves.

Rails are our foreshore,

the eastern front a dark sky we’re scattered

across, the mountains the sea we’re abandoning,

a bottom we search

among the clouds of the windows.