A two-day of events on the Italian-occupied territories during the WW1

locandinagrandefinaleWe are pleased to announce the programm of a two-day of events dedicated to the Italian-occupied territories during the Great War. After the rout of Caporetto Veneto and Friuli were occupied by the austro-hungarian army between 1917 and 1918.

The front line was settled in this period along the river Piave, whose banks were – still phisically so close to each other – dramatically divided and marked the lives of many Italian families. In partnership with other Institutions and Associations we wish to commemorate the history of these territories and their population, exploring new languages and forms to elaborate our common memory of the past.

All events take place in Vittorio Veneto on 6th and 7th October 2016.

On Thursday, 6th October, at 6.00 pm, the meeting-point is at the Church S. Paolo in Piano, Museo della Battaglia.

We will first present with few introductionary words by Ulderico Bernardi our new book, the 6th Quaderno Cedos-Kellermann, with a collection of short research contributions on the WW1 in the Italian-occupied territories.

Ilisie Remus – Bullets

Immediatly after, again at 6.00 p.m – Church S. Paolo in Piano, Cedos and IoDeposito inagurate the exhibition Lands of memory, which combines historical photos and contemporary artworks by Nathalie Vanheule, Claudio Beorchia, Jane Glynn, Gordon Belray, Victoria Lucas, Cosima Montavoci, Luca Terenzi, Ilisie Remus.

Connecting images of the war time with contemporary works of art, opposed and united by the represented subject, the exhibition shows how the Italian-occupied territories have assimilated the tragic events of the War and how consciously or unconsciously the legacies of First World War emerge, specifically in the places that were its most intense battlefields. We highly recommend to visit also the website of IoDeposito, where you can find further information and download the brochure here.

The exhibition Lands of Memory will last until October the 25th, 2016

We close the programm of thursday, 6th October, at 8.30 pm, at the Teatro da Ponte in Vittorio Veneto with a concert with and by Francesca Gallo and the ANA Choir of Preganziol: La guerra dimenticata, storie sussurrate nella musica. The concert will enable us to listen to the Great War and its voices and to come closer to the human sufferings and feelings which marked the history of our families and thus our common memory.

Udine Wein, vino di Udine, dopo Caporetto

Finally, on Friday, 7th October the research symposium organized by Cedos Grande Guerra starts at 9.00 am and takes place once again at the Museo della Battaglia, in the so-called Aula Civica.

Papers by Paolo Pozzato, Gustavo Corni, Simone Menegaldo, Nicola de Toffol, Lucio de Bortoli, Matteo Ermacora, Aldo Toffoli, Chiara Polita and Alessandro Valenti will explore and shed new light on the history of the Italian-occupied territories during the Great War and on the life condition endured by the local population.